Interview to Mairaj Ahmad Khan

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Mairaj Ahmad Khan, year of birth 1975, is an Indian skeet shooter. He was the first Indian in history to qualify for the Olympics (Rio 2016); now, with his Beretta shotgun and his Gemini choke tubes, he sealed a pass to Tokyo 2020!

1. How did your passion for skeet shooting begin?

My father was a shooter and as a child I accompanied him to the shooting field. I loved seeing him shoot and I immediately developed a passion for such discipline. To be honest I have followed my “family tradition” and I do have to thank him for passing down to me the love for this particular sport.

2. How did you realize that skeet was your discipline?

Initially at the clay pigeon shooting training field I practised the Trap discipline, then I realized that Skeet was much more fun and competitive hence… since I’m crazy about challenges, I decided to completely dedicate myself to this discipline.

3. What was your most exciting victory?

My best victory was certainly the one thanks to which I qualified for the Olympics; indeed it was an unmatchable sensation … I really couldn't believe that I would be eligible to compete against the other shooters during the Rio 2016 Olympics. My dream had come true, moreover it was the first time that India had passed the eliminating round as for the skeet discipline! Can you immagine that? It’ s a victory that will remain in history, I am absolutely proud thereof. Furthermore there are many other victories that I keep in my heart: I have gained 7 titles as national champion, was awarded a 2010 Commonwealth Shooting Champion golden medal, a Rio World Cup silver as well as a 2016 Asian Championship bronze one.

4. What’s your way to concentrate?

I have no particular technique in order to increase my concentration, I usually try to isolate myself and visualize my movements before any competition. This helps me a lot when it comes to shooting and simultaneously managing the anxiety due to the competition.

5. To what extent are the Gemini choke tubes essential for the success of your sporting achievements?

The day I started using the Gemini choke tubes I simply realised that they are among the best in the world. They make me feel really confident, they ensure a uniform cone of fire and in every competition they boast exceptional reliability and quality.

6. What’s their strong point in your opinion?

The broad selection offered, ranging from 18.9 up to the Full constriction size, which make it possible to opt for numerous variations depending on what is needed as for both training and competition. If an athlete is “spoilt for choice” that’s definitely a strong point.

7. What weapon do you use and what choke tube do you prefer?

I use a Beretta DT11 shotgun provided with Gemini Beretta Optima HP choke tubes.

8. What advice would you give to a young person approaching this sport?

The three P’s! Passion, Process and Perseverance are three elements that you need to master and put into practice so as to excel. This applies to every sport! We should never forget that it is necessary to work hard, to be absolutely committed to what you do and to be provided with excellent equipment: a perfect shotgun and top-notch choke tubes. I firmly believe that the best choke tubes in the world are those by Gemini.

9. Your latest sporting achievements and next endeavours we can follow?

In Qatar, on the occasion of the Asian Championship in Doha, I attained the quota placement to compete at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, by equalling the world record with a 125/125.

10. Would you like to give us some advice to further improve our product?

Actually not at all, Gemini choke tubes are absolutely perfect, keep it up!