5 things you must know for a proper use of the choke tube

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You have purchased your ideal set of Gemini choke tubes: how to use and preserve them at best?

We have summarized in five main points the best practice in order to achieve the utmost performance from your Gemini choke tubes, prevent any damage and breakage, ensure you use them safely and keep them efficient over time. Take notes!

Important: every time you use a choke tube either in the barrel of your shotgun or installed on the same, make sure that it is perfectly intact, especially as for the diameter abutting the interior of the bar itself.

1. Clamping.

During use, check the clamping; the choke tube must always be firmly tightened in order to avoid any breakages or explosions. If there are any spaces between the barrel and the choke tube itself, the gases could penetrate and provoke problems of different seriousness degree. Use the proper key to proceed with the correct tightening.

Bear always in mind that choke tubes protruding from the barrel must never rest on the crowned muzzle, on the contrary, it is necessary to keep a distance ranging from a few tenths, up to of about 1 mm, also visible to the naked eye. That will ensure correct internal tightening moreover avoiding any unexpected damage or breakage.


2. Incorrect installation.

You will immediately notice that you have incorrectly installed your choke tube when you remove it, as you will remark that after use, the outer part has blackened. Pay close attention.

3. Maintenance.

Once the shotgun has been used, carefully remove it and clean both the choke and its housing, especially if you intend to rest the instrument for some time. When you decide to restart your sporting or hunting activities, we advise you to lubricate the choke with a minimum amount of special grease, resistant to high temperatures. Keep the choke tubes in a dry place.

4. Damage.

Should the choke tube fall to the ground, carefully check the integrity of the part before installing it again on the shotgun. In particular, make sure you have not battered the lug locking the inner of the barrel. If you have even the slightest doubt that this portion may have been altered, avoid using the choke tube. You can instead send it to our office; we shall perform a technical verification and any possible repair.

5. Cleaning.

If you shoot frequently, clean your choke tube at least every 15 days. How? You can use an ultrasonic cleaning machine, alternatively, our cleaning kit including 1 brush for the inner part of the choke tube, 1 brush for the outer one (Ported +20 mm), 1 bottle of detergent, 1 bottle of grease and a small cloth.