Lightness and performance: choose titanium choke tubes

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Perfect for sports shooting enthusiasts and professionals, they combine the whole Gemini's technology and know-how with the performance of this extremely light but extremely resistant material. We present our newest Gemini Ti 6Al-4V (grade 5) titanium alloy choke tubes.

Titanium characteristics.

As displayed in the previous articles, the Ti 6Al-4V (grade 5) is the most widespread and commonly used among the existing titanium alloys, as, thanks to its technical and mechanical characteristics, it is suitable to ensure performances very similar to steel, even though it boasts a much lower weight.
The mix of aluminum and vanadium is characterized by high tensile strength (1000-1200 N / mm²) and corrosion resistance, as well as excellent elasticity.
After months of research, hundreds of tests, trials and performance evaluations Gemini has succeeded in combining the best performance of its choke tubes with the lightness and comfort of an absolutely extraordinary material.

Why titanium?

Why choose a titanium choke tube for your sports activities? The answer is really simple. Because it weighs less. This will allow you to better manage your shooting. How much less indeed? Regarding a Perazzi 4a gen. Bore 18,60 Ported 6, for instance the weight is 22.50g as for the titanium version, compared to 40.40g for the steel one. All things considered 45% less weight.
If you decide to mount a titanium choke tube, then, the crowned muzzle of your arm will be actually lighter.

The range on the market.

Gemini currently manufactures titanium chokes for the most widely used shotgun brands in the sports domain: namely Perazzi (18.4-18.6-18.7 fourth-generation boring), and Beretta in both Optima and Optima HP versions, Browning Invector Plus as well as Invector DS, Caesar Guerini and Krieghoff. The range is steadily updated.
As for the models currently manufactured Gemini boasts the same constriction sizes already marketed for steel items. In order to check the available models, consult our catalogue. Gemini currently manufactures titanium chokes for the most widely used shotgun brands in the sports domain: namely Perazzi and Beretta, while further ones are going to be introduced soon.
With regard to both Perazzi and Beretta trademarks the present range includes the same constriction sizes already manufactured for steel items. The Flush for Beretta and Flush for Perazzi 4a gen. Bore 18,60 / Flush for Perazzi 4a gen. Bore 18,40 models range in either case from -0,30 to 1,10 and the same applies to Ported for Perazzi 4a gen. Bore 18,60, Ported for Perazzi 4a gen. Bore 18,40, Extended for Perazzi 4a gen. Bore 18,60 and Extended for Perazzi 4a gen. Bore 18,40.
As for Beretta (Optima HP model) Ported and Extended, you can instead find the SK2, C, SK1, IC, LM, M, IM, LF, F, XF, XXF ones.
The most demanding shooters will be spoiled for choice; the best choke tubes, in the utmost materials, are available in any variant.
To learn more about how to use and maintain your chokes in the best way, read also “5 things you must know for a proper use of the choke tube”.

The treatments.

After undergoing internal lapping and external grinding, any choke tube is marked with the lettering “titanium” and DLC coated (Diamond Like Carbon), i.e. the “Amorphous Diamond” layer providing additional hardness (2500-3000 Hv), extraordinary abrasion and wear resistance, a low frictional coefficient (smoothness and anti-adhesion) and excellent chemical inertness.


The entire production chain is 100% Italian ... Champions such as Alberto Fernandez, Diana Bacosi, and David Kostelecky have already shown great appreciation for the newest Gemini titanium choke tubes. A real satisfaction that we hope will increase the popularity of this real jewel of technology, enshrined in a few of grams.