Paradox (or spreader)

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What is it?

Paradox, called for simplicity also rifled or radial, is a particular choke tube model marketed since the 1990s to stabilize the sub-caliber bullet without rifling; today it is mainly used as a spreader.

Optimal and not optimal uses

Use as "dispersant"

This choke tube, mounted to the barrel of your shotgun and used with normal ammunition, conveys a rotation to the shot resulting in a wide cone of fire already a few metres from the muzzle of the firearm. This will allow you to be effective in shooting even when, in case of a close distance shot, you may not have time to aim perfectly.

Its optimal use is therefore when shooting within 20 metres, with a cone of fire width diameter of one metre already at a distance of 10 metres. The spreading effect is greater with cartridges with plastic container (or couvette), it is not necessary to use the scatter ones. It is not recommended for any long and medium distance shooting.

Use for “Bullet shooting”

Thanks to its particular internal shape and the profiles which characterize it, the Paradox manages to convey even to the rifled slug in the smooth barrel such a rotation to increase the accuracy of the shot, maintaining constant performance. Seeing is believing! You will get very similar results, testing it empirically with numerous consecutive shots from the same position.

For this application we recommend the use of Paradox only with slug bullets or with sub-calibrated sabot ones such those marketed by Sauvestre and a few others. Hence we suggest you don't use Paradox choke tube combined with slug bullets equipped with helical ridges (Gualandi, Solengo, Brenneke etc.); in fact they have already been profiled to create a gyroscopic stabilization in the smoothbore barrel and the same land on their surface could be in conflict with the rifling of the Paradox choke tube, compromising the effectiveness of the shot.

This type of choke can be mounted to any types of shotgun, both for hunting and shooting, but we warn you that the use for sport shooting is very limited.

Models and problems

The Gemini range includes Paradox models protruding 20 mm and only two completely external models, specifically for Breda and for Benelli 12-gauge, which protrude by 95 mm. For the two-barreled shotguns it is possible to combine the Paradox with an Extended +20 mm, so that the same sticking out can be handled at the muzzle end. The protrusion by 20 mm is useful for two specific reasons: first of all, it allows to have a sufficient shotgun stroke, so as to give the right "effect" to the shot, moreover it offers the possibility to be easily disassembled in the event that the Paradox is blocked in the barrel due to the continuous stress it undergoes. In this regard, we point out that it is therefore necessary to lubricate the choke tube with some grease or vaseline paste, in addition the key can be purchased with an oversized traversing lever for 12- or 20- gauge in order to facilitate the disassemble. We recommend to loosen the choke tube after any use, or even better, to carry out this operation after 3 or 4 shotgun strokes. The right-hand twist pitch length and the height of the same give an excellent dispersion result but, on the contrary, favour the involuntary blocking of the choke tube.


All of Paradox choke tubes are made of 42CrMo4 alloy steel, coated in Nickel + DLC and are available in different models, 12- and 20-gauge. Their use is allowed only with lead ammunition, so you will not find them in the Paradox catalogue with the words Steel Shot.

Maintenance and cleaning

Provide for ordinary cleaning of your Paradox with the appropriate Gemini kit or an ultrasonic cleaning machine. Keep it in a dry place and pay attention to impacts which may harm its integrity.