The best choke tubes for hunting and shooting shotguns

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Whether you are a hunting enthusiast or have decided to dedicate yourself to sport shooting, if you are reading this article it is because you realised you need a choke tube; one or more than one. Well. You are in the right place.

First and foremost there are different types of chokes and the Gemini range varies according to two main parameters: the model and the constriction size.


Flush: they are internal chokes entirely inserted inside the shotgun barrel.

Ported +20mm e Extended +20mm: they stick out 20 mm past the muzzle of the firearm, boast high-performance and are easy to assemble. The titanium version completely eliminates the problem of "weight added to the tip". The Extended +20 mm ensures an excellent yield, however our flagship is the Ported +20 mm which combines the best ballistic performance with recoil reduction. They both provide an outstanding shooting comfort.

In/Out 50mm e In/Out 100mm: they protrude 50 or 100 mm from the shotgun barrel. They are characterized by a particular internal profile with a long cone devised in order to minimally deform the steel shots inside the shell and to achieve denser and more uniform cones of fire.

Constriction sizes

They are defined on the basis of the diameter they feature and classified with corresponding identification letters. We list them in an order ranging from the tightest to the widest constriction size: XXF (1,14) – Extra Extra Full, XF – Extra Full, F – Full , LF – Light Full, IM – Improved Modified, M - Modified, LM- Light Modified, IC – Improved Cylinder, SK1-Skeet 1, C- Cylinder, SK2 (-0,30) – Skeet 2. Go to the table showing diameters and initials for hunting shotguns or for shooting shotguns.

Flush: depending on the model, you have 7 or 14 constriction size types available: from -0,30 up to 1.20. They are marketed in the Steel Shot version (for lead-free ammunition) up to constriction size M (***).

Ported +20mm e Extended +20mm: in the catalogue are desplayed 11 constriction sizes for these 2 models. The Ported +20 mm chookes are marketed in the Steel Shot version (for lead-free ammunition) up to constriction size M (***) only, while the Extended +20 mm ones are available in the Steel Shot version up to constriction size F (*).

In/Out +50 mm e +100 mm: from 2 to 4 constriction sizes are supplied for these two models. They can be used, according to the relevant constriction sizes, with any type of ammunition, except for XF and XXF chokes, which can be used with lead ones only; thus they are available in the Steel Shot version up to the choke F (*).

The best choke tubes for shooting shotguns

And now? What is the best suited choke tube for your sports discipline?
Once you have chosen the model among Flush, Ported, Extended and In / Out ones, based on your preferences and shooting attitudes, we can focus on the constriction size that best suits you depending on whether you practice trap, electrocibles, double trap, sporting or skeet.

We encourage you to read our article dedicated to the in-depth analysis (link) so that you can easily orient yourself in identifying two, three chokes suitable for your type of discipline.

The best choke tubes for hunting shotguns

In order to guide you through the choice of the best suited choke tube for your hunting passions, we shall not consider the type of animal you are used to aiming at, but the shooting distance that distinguishes your activity.: short, medium and long shooting distance.

Again, do you have a short, medium or long-barreled shotgun? A single or double-barreled one? There are a plenty of options, hence we suggest that you deepen this topic by reading our dedicated guide (link) and orient yourself towards selecting the utmost choke by browsing the table we have specially provided to facilitate your choice.

To sum up, whether you practice sports shooting or hunting activities, we advise you to always test your choices empirically, as there may be several further factors influencing shooting effectiveness.