Interview to Diana Bacosi

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How do women make out in skeet shooting? Diana Bacosi, year of birth 1983, awarded with a Rio 2016 Olympics gold medal, speaks thereof.

1. How did your passion for skeet shooting begin?

It is a family tradition, in particular it is thanks to my father, who since my early years made me lean towards the world of shooting and arms. I was born and raised among hunters and shooters, I can say that clay-pigeons have always "run through my veins".

2. How did you realize that skeet was your discipline?

To be honest it was not an immediate choice because I started shooting with sporting and I continued with such discipline until the age of 18. I don't know how to explain that, but I felt I was missing something, I was striving for something greater, which would further put through my paces … hence I opted for skeet shooting.

3. What was your most exciting victory?

The four-year period from 2013 to 2016 was certainly unforgettable, as I revealed myself to be a leader in this discipline. I was awarded a gold medal at Lima 2013 World Championship, a silver one at the 2015 Italy edition thereof, as well as at the European Games, I was acknowledged a 75 out of 75 clay targets hit Word Record, moreover the Rio 2016 Olympics gold medal was the icing on the cake.

4. How was the approach to this sport ... that might seem strictly for men?

At the beginning a little bit of dread is normal, it’s not easy to be a woman shooter, however it’s evident that over the past few years the "female athletes" have increased and they know how to impose themselves. Gender is not the point, the issue lies in knowing how to create harmony and mutual respect.

5. What’s your way to concentrate?

I do not use any concentration techniques. Before any competition I try to retreat into a sort of bubble where nothing else matters, but me and the clay target I am going to hit.

6. To what extent are the Gemini choke tubes essential for the success of your sporting achievements?

Gemini choke tubes are basic for my competition strategies. For any challenge I examine the clay-pingeons, I perform tests with several choke tubes so as to sort the most suitable option for me, at the moment. With the wide range that you put at my disposal, it is easy to find a solution!

7. What’s their strong point in your opinion?

Satisfying us shooters is not a cakewalk; Giovanni, with his enthusiasm manages to create these small technological masterpieces, which allow us to reach great goals! I do believe that their key strength is the accuracy with which they are designed and manufactured.

8. What weapon do you use and what choke tube do you prefer?

I use a Beretta DT11 shotgun and usually shoot with 18.50 or 18.30 choke tubes, but as I said, given the wide range, I can take the liberty to "play" with choke tubes, in order to achieve the best solution for any competition!

9. What advice would you give to a young person approaching this sport?

I would simply say: “Have fun, always smile, devote yourself with passion, love and respect”. Then the rest, even if with so many efforts, comes by itself.

10. Your latestst sporting achievements and next endeavours we can follow?

I attained the silver medal in the World Cup in Changwon, South Korea and I won the World Championship in Lonato. All these efforts made it possible to seal my pass to Tokyo Olympics and with great pride I can state that I have already been selected by my Head Coach.

11. Would you like to give us some advice to further improve our product?

Everything is perfect ... keep it up and be patient with us! My special thanks goes to Giovanni, who is always supporting us with heart and enthusiasm.