Are you longing to be a pro? Thence you need an adjustable stock

Are you longing to be a pro? Thence you need an adjustable stock

It boasts 9 different kinds of adjustment, weights about 900 g and was devised so as to meet the needs of experienced and perfectionist shooters: in this article we are going to focus on the Evolution Adjustable Stock.

How often did you happen to realise that your body did not perfectly fit the shape of your shotgun? Prominent pectorals, different neck length, body size are just some of the factors suitable to compromise the perfect grip of the shotgun and consequently the accuracy of your shot. Not to mention that within a few months or a few years each of us may change our physical build for various reasons and thus impairing the "ideal feeling/fit" with our own arm.

Hence before shooting, together with a flawless shotgun, excellent choke tubes and talent to spare ... you must have a stock suitable to perfectly adapt to you. What can you do? You have two possibilities: commissioning a tailor-made stock (taking into account the myriad of parameters and variables to be customized) or purchasing a practical adjustable stock.
We prefer the second option! We are going to pinpoint the features of such extremely useful object of desires.

Let’s bear in mind the adjustments we can make on Evolution Stock are no less than 9: nose height, nose deviation, balance (with two parameters), Monte Carlo, pitch, shoulder deviation, overall length and equipment. All adjustments can be made using a simple size 3 hex key, included in the kit supplied. Let's proceed step by step ...

Nose height Nose height

Nose height

The nose can be adjusted in terms of height from a minimum of 0 to a maximum of 31 mm by simply adding plastic washers (over 16 mm it is necessary to use extensions which, like washers, are included in the supply).
Hence it shall be possible to reach the optimal height so that we can perfectly align your eye with the sight. Having a range of as much as 31 mm, the perfect alignment can also be achieved using ribs.

Nose deviation Nose deviation

Nose deviation

Depending on the conformation of your cheekbone you can also adjust the deviation of the nose. How? With the supplied key it is possible to change the angle of deviation by intervening on the support pillars of the nose itself which slide ± 10 mm.

Double balance with weights Double balance with weights

Double balance with weights

The adjustable stock features two types of balance, one fixed and one sliding. The first is a weight of 40 g which can be added and removed as needed. The second is a weight of 35 g sliding down an inclined track that can change the balancing of the gun depending on the position you choose. It is crucial to be provided with a well balanced shotgun.

Monte Carlo adjustment Monte Carlo adjustment

Monte Carlo adjustment

It is the “drop” at the end of the stock. The lowering of the Monte Carlo also allows shooters with very long necks to achieve the right alignment and a better view. Its adjusted position implies that the athlete does not have to lower too much his cheek and eyes to align himself, improving the support angle. This adjustment is essential if you are using removable ribs.

Pitch Pitch


It is the angle at which the stock rests against the shoulder. Shooters with very prominent or, on the contrary, very gaunt pectorals, in correspondence with the hollow supporting the shotgun against the body, may need to adjust the pitch to improve their performance. In this way it is possible to avoid having a barrel directed upwards (in the case of prominent pectorals) or downwards (in the opposite case). This adjustment is really important because with a simple variation of the support angle it is possible to realign the barrels in parallel with the ground.

Shoulder Shoulder


The adjustment of such inclination avoids the rotation of the barrel.
With the supplied key it is possible to change the deviation angle by intervening on the pillars that regulate the length, the excursion is ± 10 mm.

Overall length Overall length

Overall length

With the supplied spacers it is possible to improve the grip and optimize the angle of support of your arms to the shotgun. This way you can avoid any excessive stretching or contraction of the muscles. The length can vary altogether from 34 cm to 43 cm.

Heel deviation Heel deviation

Heel deviation

It is the deviation of the stock with respect to the axis of the shotgun. It is adjusted through a small asymmetric sheet that is inserted under the central plate fixing. Without the sheet the deviation is 5mm (quite straight stock), with the sheet it becomes 12mm.

Currently adjustable stocks are available for:

The gun handle is available in 3 sizes: S, M and L, with (B) and without (A) glove. Upon request, also for left-handed people. Alternatively, you can request a raw gun (C) to be wholly customized.

Evolution Stock is a complete product, ready to be assembled with your shotgun, supplied with a kit that includes everything you need, including keys. For skeet shooters the pillars that adjust the length can be supplied in ergal (aluminum alloy) which is lighter than steel.

To find out more about the product, and for the details of what is included, browse the dedicated page on our store!

How about? Do you feel like trying it?

Posted on 06/14/2019

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